In 2012, over 50 percent of those patronizing a casino were over 50 years of age. Have casinos become today’s senior center? Come with Amy Ziettlow in Seniors in Casino Land, as she travels through America’s casinos, eating at the buffets, playing the slots, and talking to as many seniors as she can. A stark picture emerges.

Now that the government is the biggest sponsor of casino gaming, all of us—even those who never visit casinos—have to ask, are we turning a blind eye to a government-sponsored predator that creates false community, drains personal finances, and undermines dignity for those most vulnerable among us? Read this first-hand report from the glitzy, senior-filled trenches of “Casino Land.”


A minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Amy Ziettlow has served in congregations in Illinois and Louisiana. She writes for the Huffington Post and the Atlantic Wire. For over a decade, she has been actively involved in hospice care, most recently as COO for The Hospice of Baton Rouge, as well as serving as a chaplain visiting dying patients and their families and coordinating and training hospice volunteers.