There is one step that is different from all the others. By taking it, we announce our willingness to leave behind our old selves. We agree to open the door to the certain perils and uncertain rewards of a new life. By taking that first step, we commit ourselves to completing our journey of faith, or to die trying. The purpose of this book is to invite you to take that first step. Please, walk with me.

Neal B. Freeman is the founder and former chairman of The Blackwell Corporation, chairman of the Foundation Management Institute; director of the National Civic Art Society; and chairman of the Neal and Jane Freeman Foundation. In his television career, Freeman produced more than one thousand programs for national broadcast: His awards for journalistic excellence include the Peabody and Emmy. The former editor of King Features, Freeman was associated for many years with his friend, William F. Buckley, Jr. An editor and columnist for National Review magazine, he was the founding producer of the Firing Line television series, and is the author of the acclaimed book, Skirmishes.