The Guide to Feminist Organizations

By Kimberly Schuld with a Foreword by Midge Decter

A survey of 36 nonprofit feminist organizations describing their mission, activities, leadership, finances (including sources and amounts of government and corporate funding), The Guide to Feminist Organizations is a must read for anyone interested in the history and impact of the feminist movement. Published in 2002, this guide contains chapters on “Activists and Advocacy” (National Organization for Women, NOW Foundation, Ms. Foundation, League of Women Voters), “Young Women & Girls” (YWCA, Girls Scouts), “Think Tanks & Research” (Institute for Women’s Policy Research), “Working Women” (National Committee on Pay Equity), and “Women’s Health & Abortion” (Breast Cancer Action, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, NARAL).

From the Foreword

“We must be grateful both to Kimberly Schuld and to her sponsor, the indispensable Capital Research Center, for producing this careful and detailed study of the various organizations and networks of foundations, policy centers, research institutes, and health networks that have gone into keeping women’s liberation alive, interconnected, and well-funded. By the time one finishes reading, there is no longer any mystery about how this movement — in so many fateful ways disconnected from the everyday lives and needs of ordinary women — has nevertheless so widely taken over. Through the creation of new organizations (such as NOW and the Ms. Foundation) and the capture of certain traditional ones (Young Women’s Christian Association and the American Association of University Women) and perhaps most politically effective of all, through the proliferation of pro-abortion projects and institutions, feminist activism has rapidly spread its troops through the American body politic as well as through both the learned and popular culture. All of us who think and care about the real lives of girls and women (not to mention men) owe both author and sponsor a genuine debt of gratitude.”–Midge Decter, from the Foreword