Volume 7 of The Churchill Biography covers crucial years of World War II.

“This penultimate entry in the monumental series is as comprehensive as a biography could possibly be and remarkable for the intimate view it presents of Britain’s wartime leader. Not only does Gilbert describe the day-to-day development of war plans, foreign policy and internal politics, but he pays close attention to Churchill’s private life including his health (which, we learn here, was often poor). No other biographer has succeeded in conveying the breadth of Churchill’s daily productivity, his daring improvisational skills or his flexibility of thought during the crisis-ridden war years. The story told here is based primarily on two sets of unpublished material: Churchill’s papers and the papers of the Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Defense. The sheer size of the volume allows Gilbert to present considerable detailed material regarding Churchill’s dealings with Roosevelt and Stalin that has not heretofore seen print.” — Publishers Weekly

Sir Martin Gilbert was born in England in 1936. He is a graduate of Oxford University. In 1962 he began work as one of Randolph Churchill’s research assistants, and in 1968, after Randolph Churchill’s death, he became the official biographer of Winston Churchill. Since then he has published six volumes of the Churchill biography, and has edited twelve volumes of Churchill documents. As a distinguished fellow at Hillsdale College, he is currently completing the Churchill document volumes. During forty-eight years of research and writing, Gilbert has published eighty books.