Testing Times is volume 17 of the Churchill Documents. It covers 1942, a year when World War II continued to build. As with previous volumes, it collects a remarkably wide range of archives too voluminous to include in Randolph S. Churchill and Sir Martin Gilbert’s multivolume biography of Winston Churchill.

The documents in Testing Times supplement Volume VII of the Churchill biography, Road to Victory (1941-45).

Winston Churchill’s personal papers are among the most comprehensive ever assembled relating to the life and times of one man. They are so extensive that it is only possible to include in the narrative volumes a part of the relevant documents. The Churchill Documents were planned to run parallel with the narrative volumes, and with them to form a whole.

Martin Gilbert was born in England in 1936. He is a graduate of Oxford University, from which he holds a Doctorate of Letters, and is an Honorary Fellow of Merton College, Oxford. In 1962 he began work as one of Randolph Churchill’s research assistants, and in 1968, after Randolph Churchill’s death, he became the official biographer of Winston Churchill. Since then he has published six volumes of the Churchill biography, and has edited – to date – now seventeen volumes of Churchill documents. As a Distinguished Fellow at Hillsdale College, Michigan, he is currently completing the Churchill document volumes.