One needn’t be an economist to know that California’s economy is in crisis. By a number of very important measures, California is failing. Especially considering the state’s status as a bellwether for the rest of the nation, Cali­fornia cannot allow this downward spiral to continue unchecked. It must be reversed—and sooner rather than later. Eureka! is a prescriptive book that provides a true economic roadmap for the rehabilitation of California through actionable solutions. Laffer also looks at other states to endorse practical policies that have resulted in strong economic growth.

Distinguished as “The Father of Supply-Side Economics” for his economic acu­men and influence in triggering a worldwide tax-cutting movement in the 1980s, Arthur Laffer was a member of President Ronald Reagan’s Economic Policy Ad­visory Board during both of Reagan’s terms. Laffer served as a distinguished professor at the University of Southern California and at Pepperdine University, and was also a member of the board of directors at Pepperdine. Previously, he was a professor at the University of Chicago and a consultant to Treasury Secretary William Simon, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and Treasury Secretary George Shultz, under whom he was named the first-ever Chief Economist at the Office of Management and Budget. He received his B.A. from Yale University and his M.B.A. and Ph.D. from Stanford University, all in economics.

What They Are Saying:

“California is in great need of fresh and creative thinking if we are to fix its economic and fiscal problems and recreate the sense of optimism and opportunity this state has always embodied. Eureka! Is chock full of interesting ideas and insights that should help start a badly needed conversation about how to put the gold back into the Golden State. It is a straightforward, timely, and valuable reading for anyone interested in the role of taxes and fiscal policy in one of the world’s largest and most innovative economies.” — Charles Schwab, founder and chairman, Charles Schwab Corporation

“Those who think of economics as ‘the dismal science’ will stand up and cheer after reading this book. Dr. Laffer is optimistic about California’s future, and with good cause: if we follow his sound advice, the state’s future will indeed be golden once again.” — Christopher C. Cox, former U.S. House leader (R-CA) and chairman, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

“Dr. Arthur Laffer provides a clear-headed diagnosis of how California ruined its prosperity and writes a realistic prescription to recover its future. Eureka! How to Fix California offers a glimmer of hope for every Californian and a cautionary tale for every American.” — Tom McClintock, member of Congress (R-CA)

“Art Laffer’s unprecedented analysis of California’s fiscal and economic policies show without a doubt that the most effective fix to the state’s problems is a low flat tax. Eureka! is a wake-up call to all Californians that we need another Prop. 13-style revolution if we are to turn around the state.” — Jon Coupal, president, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

“The Golden State has become the Golden Bust thanks to dysfunctional policies in Sacramento. Arthur Laffer provides a policy roadmap for how to fix what has gone terribly wrong in a state that was once America’s richest, most dynamic and most desirable place to raise a family and grow a business. Every citizen and every politician who cares about California’s future should read this book.” — Steve Moore, editorial writer, Wall Street Journal