Subject: Theology

Misión Guadalupe By E and L
310 pages | ISBN 978-0-931888-71-7
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Misión Guadalupe

This book provides a guide for prayer and a meditation on the mystical truths about God and man and the social and political ramifications of the Incarnation. Unlike the outdated social justice writers of previous decades, Bozell and Miles-Campos suggest a concrete plan for advancing works of mercy to relieve the suffering of the poor, to uplift the spiritually malnourished, and to form a more vibrant Christian community in the midst of a secular world. This text is presented in both English and Spanish.

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Sex and the Sanctity of Human Life By W
132 pages | ISBN 978-0-931888-17-5
Paper Paper Retail Price: $5.00

Sex and the Sanctity of Human Life

Theologian William May offers an engaging study of sex, in particular the relationship between the natural and the spiritual dimensions of human love and reproduction.

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The Universal Primacy of Christ By F
144 pages | ISBN 978-0-931888-16-8
Paper Paper Retail Price: $5.00

The Universal Primacy of Christ

Noted Italian theologian and philosopher Pancheri revisits a crucial question of the Middle Ages and shows its perennial importance for Christian society: If the Incarnation is, in some sense, caused by the Fall of Adam and Eve, then how can Christ be said to have primacy in all things?

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