This is a story of faith, of failure, and ultimately of salvation. Tom Whalen left behind the world of men, joining other men who fought private demons and worked to find a better way of being human. One question haunted Tom: Could God alone really be enough for any man? Tom’s lapse, and his return to the material world to savor again all the temptations of the flesh, will haunt the reader.

Even more astonishing is the story of his brother monks, trained to chastity and regimented prayer, who followed Tom into the deepest caverns of desperation and depravity to save his life and soul.

This story of redemption offers a window into the grace awaiting all who seek the moment when God enters fully into our all-too-human lives.

Mark Delery, O.C.S.O., is a Trappist monk at the Holy Cross Abbey in Berryville, Virginia.