Why Thrift Matters: Twenty Propositions

By the Institute for American Values

Why Thrift Matters outlines twenty well-researched propositions for why thrift matters for families, neighborhoods, the economy, and the planet. It also includes a list of ways that readers can get involved in the new “thrift movement.” This report, issued by the Institute for American Values, presents the rationale for the growing thrift movement, publishes new research findings on American thrift, and examines innovative ideas from grassroots leaders.

This statement comes from a diverse team of scholars and leaders chaired by Amber Lapp, Thrift Education Coordinator at the Institute for American Values; Charles E. Stokes, Roy Bergengren Fellow at the John Templeton Center for Thrift and Generosity; and Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, director of the John Templeton Center for Thrift and Generosity.