Anonymity in donor conception hides the truth, but anonymity in storytelling helps reveal it.

The Anonymous Us Project 2012 is a report from The Anonymous Us Project, which seeks to serve as a safety zone for real and honest opinions about reproductive technologies and family fragmentation. The project aims to share the experiences of voluntary and involuntary participants in these technologies, while preserving the dignity and privacy of the storytellers and their loved ones.

The Anonymous Us Project aims to fill out the conversation on reproductive technologies. The hope is that it will inspire more truth and transparency and help shape healthier families and happier people. Find out more at


Alana S. Newman grew up in and around San Francisco, California. She is an art-school dropout, a musician, a writer, and recently—a mother. She lives in Brooklyn with her Swedish ex-pat husband and daughter and enjoys live music, reading books about gender dynamics, working out in Prospect Park, and preaching the virtues and structural advantages of the traditional nuclear family.

If you need someone to talk to directly about donor-conception, Alana is available privately through Ether and can be reached by dialing: 1-888-MY-ETHER (1-888-69-38437), ext. 04560630.