Subject: Theology

The Past as Pilgrimage By C and C
192 pages | ISBN 978-0-931888-01-4 978-0-931888-47-2
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The Past as Pilgrimage

In The Past as Pilgrimage: Narrative, Tradition, and the Renewal of Catholic History, Catholic historians Shannon and Blum challenge the secular bias currently prevalent among professional historians, and argue for the compatibility of faith and reason in the study of the past. Inspired by the understanding of tradition developed in […]

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The Universal Primacy of Christ By F
144 pages | ISBN 978-0-931888-16-8
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The Universal Primacy of Christ

Noted Italian theologian and philosopher Pancheri revisits a crucial question of the Middle Ages and shows its perennial importance for Christian society: If the Incarnation is, in some sense, caused by the Fall of Adam and Eve, then how can Christ be said to have primacy in all things?

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What the Catholic Faithful Can Do By G
128 pages | ISBN 978-0-0931888-23-6
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What the Catholic Faithful Can Do

In What the Catholic Faithful Can Do, Gerard Morrissey offers practical solutions for Catholics seeking to deepen their relationship with the Church. He focuses on three areas in particular: how to deepen one’s own faith; how to pass faith on to one’s children; and how to work fruitfully, effectively, and prayerfully within one’s own parish.

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